Thomas Block Humery born in Paris in 1971 is a French German artist living and working in Paris. He received a Master of Arts degree from Panthéon-Sorbonne University.

After a decade dedicating his photographic work on young people of Nordic countries and showing his work in Reykjavik, Rovaniemi, Cologne or The Hague, Thomas Block Humery started around 2010 focusing his work on « The Great American Vernacular Encyclopedia ». In this project, he confronts himself to a vast territory  by exploring the map as ordinary and transcendent experience. In his perambulation, he examines the mundanity as an enigmatic source of mystery and poetic revelation, a world both literal and cryptic.

In 2023, with his own publishing platform, ALBERTO ARTBOOKS, he started a new era devoted to a more biographical dynamic reflecting his own relation with peculiar territories.  With words, visual art and different photographic practices, he describes with books how territories affect the perception and, in return, how the subjectivity transform the environment.

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